Sunday, August 1, 2010

Keeping my mind active - Book Review - "Same Kind of Different As Me"

I recently read "Same Kind of Different As Me." By Ron Hall & Denver Moore with Lynn Vincent. I found this to be a very interesting, very enlightening book. I had to keep telling myself that this was a true story. An international art dealer, his wife and a modern day sharecropper with seemingly nothing in common join up to become an unforgettable trio. Through ministry efforts to reach out to the homeless in their community, Ron and Debbie Hall found Denver. With gentle persistence and loving compassion, they broke through Denver's self imposed wall of solitude. What followed was nothing short of a miracle. This book touched me deeply. Many times I had to put it down, I found it difficult to read through my tears. Very well written, it will open your eyes and make you think. Yes, there are things that we can do, as individuals, to help make life better for others. An open heart and a willingness to listen can go a long way. I rate this book 5 stars!

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of their book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Great laundry detergent alternative

Ok, everyone that uses detergent and softener (sheets/stick in bar/liquid) - or detergent/softener combo raise your hand.  Just as I thought - almost all of you.  Those that didn't must already know what I just tried.  I won (Yea Me!!) from a bag of We Be Soap Nuts.  I've know about them for some time.  But since they aren't available locally, I was hesitant to purchase them.

 They came in a cute little drawstring bag with a second smaller muslin bag and complete directions.  Since the apartment I live in has hard/sulfur water, my landlady uses a water softener.  The directions say if you wash in cold water to soak the nuts in hot water for a few minutes then add the "juice" and muslin bag to your wash.  You just leave it in till the load is done.

I must say, when using fabric softener, my towels were soft and fluffy.  But not too absorbent.  My towels were not only fluffy, but super absorbent.  And they didn't have that "filmy" feel to them.  My clothes are also softer and lacking that heavy perfume smell that some softeners leave.  I know - some even promise to leave that fragrance on your clothes longer.  Since I'm a cologne wearer, I'd rather not have my fabric softener compete with my fragrance.

There are no chemicals in soap nuts.  They are all natural.  Safe for sensitive skin and babies alike.  Did I mention cost effective?  5 soapnuts will wash from 5 - 9 loads depending on the softness of your water.  So how does about 4 cents a load sound?  No extra expense for softener either.

Visit their website, give them a try.  I bet you'll be sold as soon as you try them!

Here's some info from the site - "Soap nuts (Sapindus Mukorossi-botanical name) are dried fruits obtained from trees native to India and Nepal.  They have been used to clean all kinds of fabric for centuries, and only now gaining popularity in the American and Europe as a powerful, yet natural alternative to modern detergent. The saponin contained on its shell releases when it is brought into contact with warm or hot water.  (See directions for cold water.)  Agitation further releases these saponins and then circulates as a natural surfactant.  They break down the surface tension between oil and water in the wash freeing dirt, oils and grime from clothes.  This exact same principle that applies to how most detergents and soaps.  It’s simply not achieved using synthetic chemicals that are harmful to your body"

Monday, July 12, 2010

Where do I start? I know! Procrastination!

I'll start by going back - and I mean way back. I think it was the summer I was about to start 6th grade. My family always went to the New York State Fair. One of my favorite places to go was the Center of Progress Building. Everything new was showcased there. Fancy pots and pans, vacuum cleaners that didn't have dust bags - they sucked the dirt into water. (Pretty clever, except you were left with a mud puddle in the collection basin.) New fangled this and that.

Plus - to my fascination - there was a machine that could tell everything about you if you signed your name on a card. For the grand sum of $1.00, I thought that was a bargain. I gave the attendant my dollar, and wrote my signature. At the ripe old age of 11 I found out that all indications were that I was a procrastinator! A procrastinator! I could hardly say the word much less guess at the meaning. I showed it to my parents and they just laughed. Guess they were well acquainted with the term. I went home and looked it up in the dictionary. To sum it up - "to put off intentionally and habitually. . the doing of something that should be done." (Merriam-Webster Dictionary) Thus started my long and foot-dragging journey through procrastination. That lasted well into my 50's, by the way.

One day (much, much later-after learning what "that" word meant) I happened to stumble on a web-site that caught my interest. I was probably supposed to be doing something else at the time.  Lo and behold, I just knew it was a serendipity moment. The web-site was Mike Bresica's Think Right NOW! He has CD's to play that repeat affirmations. You hear every word, plus they send you a complete list of all the affirmations.  I bought the "End Procrastination NOW!" CD and played it every night on a continuous loop at a comfortable level - never distracted me from sleeping. After the third night I did something I had never done - ever. I got up and immediately made my bed. No great shakes, right? Well, let me tell you - my norm was to pull the bed together just before I got in to go to sleep. I looked at completely made bed and just stared. What had happened? No waiting till bedtime? It was done? Something was definitely happening to my thought processes. No - one of the affirmations is not "you will make your bed upon rising" - wouldn't that be funny? All positive statements are on the CD's - nothing negative. I highly recommend his CD's. There are also ones for time management, weight loss, sales success, depression and many more. Check out his web-site, let me know what you think!

Hello! and Welcome!

My name is Bobbi. I've been interested in self-help books and programs for most of my life. I've read lots of books over the years - starting with Dr. Wayne Dyer on self esteem and tons on emotional eating. Reading is great, however, something always got in the way - my procrastination. I'd work on what ever was my issue at the time - when I got time. I also went to hypnotherapy sessions and tried subliminal recordings. I've decided to pass on my successes and failures with different types of self-help available to try and help you navigate your way to a more fulfilling life. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to send them along. I will do my best to answer your question. If I don't know the answer, I'll tell you I don't and try to find out for you. Enjoy and I hope to make lots of friends on this journey.